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Ever thought of starting your own business?

I guess you might have seen those adverts where people offer to show you how to make oodles of money online. I know I have.

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When starting a business, you have to show that you are serious, and that you have thought your ideas through. This will help clear your thoughts and convince others of your intentions!

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Five Top Tips for Successful eBay Selling
by Brian McGregor

Here are five of the best tips I've come across when you're selling on eBay:

1. Keywords in titles and descriptions

When creating an auction for an item, try and catch a bigger audience by including related popular words in your title or description. For example if you're selling an XYZ make of DVD player, in your description you could say something like "it doesn't matter if you're looking for a Sony, Panasonic, Philips etc, you will find the XYZ competes on all features." So when people search for a Sony in the description, your auction will be returned in the list.

2. See my other auctions

Although your auction page on eBay provides a facility which lets people click over to see your other auctions, always include a link within your auction description. Many people don't know of the standard links which are at the top of the page, or they immediately click down the auction page to get to the item description.

3. Shoulder the risk

If you think about it, buyers bear all the risk in an auction transaction. They will probably have to pay the seller before the item is dispatched. This risk could be the final reason why someone may not bid on your auction. Think about removing the risk, and see if you can "afford" to offer a moneyback guarantee in your auction description. If you are honest and your item is as described, this tactic could be a win/win for you.

4. Save time on repetitive keying

You may have noticed during your auction activity how often you key in the same words or phrases over an over again. You can use a lovely little piece of software called Shortkeys which will reduce this keying by around 95%. You can find out about Shortkeys here:-

5. Feedback promotion

If you have a web site, include its address in every feedback you give to your buyers. It's free advertising for you which will grow and grow as your auction business develops. For example, you could use something like this as feedback:

Excellent buyer. Prompt payment. A1 recommended

Use these tips, and your eBay business will be greatly assisted.

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Brian McGregor is an eBay and internet entrepreneur. He recently created the 'eBay Master Class' for eBay sellers. For your free copy, please go to


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