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How To Protect Your Assets And Live The American Dream By Moving Abroad

Taxes are a drag for every US citizen who is forced to give away part of their earnings on a yearly basis. While most Americans simply complain over taxes, others are taking a more proactive approach: retirement abroad. For folks who have spent a lifetime trying to build an estate and set aside hard earned assets, paying taxes on said assets becomes a huge burden. Not so much because they cannot afford it, they just do not feel as though they should be required to pay. Many people, not just retirees, feel that their quality of life is not up to par.

In fact, 25% of the college educated say that they have thought about leaving the country to pursue more suitable locations. Whether it is a cultural or a financial chasm, there are many citizens who have considered relocation. It's not to say that they despise the United States government or the way of life that the US promotes, they are simply fed up with taxes and other financial issues that can be appeased elsewhere. Some may think that the capitalist society and other freedoms that America offers is the ticket to financial freedom and happiness. The term "American dream" stems from this notion.

However when delved into further than face value, the American dream may not seem so dreamy after all. It is a semi truth in America that if you work hard you will be successful. All things being equal this statement has merit, however, all things are not often equal.

Once income deductions begin, they tend to pile up until income feels more like "outgo", so to speak. In order to bounce this phenomenon off of themselves, many people are picking up and leaving the home soil. Retirees often dream of relaxation and a subdued life after completing their working stint. However, in the US, they are often met with undue stress relating to taxes, healthcare cost, and the like. This forces the thought of something or somewhere better, and this is where moving abroad enters the picture.

Obviously it is not an option for all retirees considering health issues and the necessity to be close to extended family and familiar medical care. For others, however, there are no strings to connect them to America, and they are free to go and enjoy the tax freedom. This notion may hit home to retirees who have been basking in the dread of American taxes their entire lives, but it may also hit those far from retirement who are making long term plans for the future. If the working class decides they are fed up with income taxes in America, they may actually consider the option of moving abroad, and if they are in the prime of their careers, they may even do it sooner that expected.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a easy asset protection at

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