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Beware of Debt Consolidation Agencies

We live in a world where the internet has on one hand joined us together but on the other hand it has exposed a world where people are not very honest and exist with intentions to swindle you out of your money. But the internet only makes it easier for these people as they existed well before it. Swindlers have a keen ability to detect when a person is in a dire situation and will narrow in on that person under the guise of helping when nothing can be farther from the truth.

The situations that people who are buried in debt are exactly the situations that dishonest debt consolidation agencies thrive on. These debt consolidation agencies offer their service in the context of trying to help you. If there is ever anything one must understand it is this: strangers (and sadly sometimes friends) that you deal with in financial matters are rarely there to help you - no matter what they say. Always look past the person and look at the real motive for their friendliness, charm, congeniality, and perfect appearance. These characteristics describe many who are part of debt consolidation agencies sent on a mission to find those burdened by debt and take away what little they have left. Understand that not every agency is like this so you need to be able to spot the bad ones.

Without a doubt, the Better Business Bureau in the United States is the first place to check an agency. If you live in another country where debt consolidation services are offered then it would also be wise to contact the consumer reporting agency for this type of business as well. However the Better Business Bureau usually only reports the number of complaints the business had and how many of those complaints were handled.

It is a good indicator of the service level of a business but by no means is it conclusive. At some time or another throughout one's life there is always a financial turnaround. Odds are that you have friend or family member who has been through a financial strain and setback and managed to stabilize again. You would be wise to talk to them about their experience if they don't mind telling you. They may be able shed a light on the practices of debt consolidation agencies and for that matter other financial management agents who claim to help those with debt.

Another's experience is worth its weight in gold and could save you from being taken advantage of in a scam. One should never have to pay to find employment and it is the same for debt consolidation agencies. If they are truly there to help, they won't try to get money from you before they have done anything. If there are any fees to pay during the course of the negotiation process with your creditors then they will be openly disclosed and shown to you.

The bottom line is that if something does not feel right when dealing with a debt consolidation agency then by all means listen to your inner instinct and don't get trapped in a scam. There are plenty of agencies to out there and it really pays to shop around a little.

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